An Exciting Film To Be Presented at SWIHA, Tales of Everyday Magic ~ Entanglement


Based on the writings of best-selling author and visionary scientist Gregg Braden, Entanglement explores the possibility of quantum entanglement and our connection to “the Divine Matrix”.
Hope you will join us for the the most excellent new film from of the 4 part, Hay House series: Tales of Everyday Magic.  The film beautifully illustrates and displays the concepts of Quantum Entanglement with an enjoyable and easily understood story of our connectedness.

Charlie and Jack Franklin have always experienced life differently than your average brothers. As children, each was able to sense when the other was in danger, when the other was sad, or when the other was happy. However, as adults, these two brothers took different paths: Jack stayed in their hometown to practice his art and Charlie joined the army, only to be deployed to Afghanistan.

After a frightening vision jolts Jack into consciousness, he begins his quest to get in touch with Charlie.  Along the way, he encounters his high-school physics teacher, who helps him understand the connection the brothers have and the larger universal oneness of which we are all a part.

Bonus material: Includes an additional hour of discussion on the film with Gregg Braden!  (These films were done by a Hollywood insider so the production values, and film quality are superb, unlike many others in the ‘transformational film’ genre.  Even the writing, dialogue and acting is pretty good…!)

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