Benefits Of Yoga For Children

What do you want for your Children’s Health?  Good and prospering health, right?  The kind of Natural Health that is not achieved through HGH pills and medications.  Developing a habit and lifestyle with Yoga can help them feel and look younger without having to depend on any medication.

Both you and your child can achieve the balance of body and mind withYoga.  Children have flexible bodies.  When they use them to stretch, bend and do breathing exercises, they can reap the benefits from this age-old method of exercising for years to come.  Plus, Yoga For Children is FUN!

In fact, children are more yogic than adults!  When you think about it, they are only concerned about the present.  The past and future has no meaning for them.  Encourage your child to do breathing exercises and meditate and watch the change in his or her behaviour.  Given below are a few benefits of yoga that are good for you and your child.

  1. Let out the feelings – Everyone wants and encourages their child to be on their best behaviour by not reacting to things and keeping their emotions in check.  When your child gets angry, ask him to shout or scream and let the anger out.  This kind of release helps to keep the mind and body in balance.  When emotions are bottled, they also bottle up a lot of negative energy that is not good.
  2. Healthy body, healthy mind – The popularity of yoga is rising.  There are numerous children, from five year old and above who are reaping the benefits of yoga.  Girls mature quickly and are ready at an early age.  However, it is the boys, who need personal attention at this age.  It is not only in the yoga class, but also outside it that the benefits are apparent.  They are physically healthy, confident and are more focused.
  3. Higher levels of energy – It gives the children higher energy levels.  You will find them dancing and playing without tiring. In fact, yoga is a lot of fun for them.  The co-ordination exercises are something that children enjoy.
  4. Controlled and focused – You will find that you child is much more focused and controlled.  He or she exhibits positive behavior and this helps them to be centered when they grow up.

You can also practice Yoga and breathing exercises and become a role model for your children.  It will give you the same benefits as the child.  If you begin with yoga first, your child will automatically follow you.  Your focus, being centered and calm will encourage the child to follow you.  In fact, if you have health problems like insomnia, depression et al, you can tackle them and lead a stress free and healthy life.

Family Yoga is offered st Spirit of Yoga in Tempe, Arizona.  This is a great way to share the yoga experience as a family!  Family Yoga is held as a yoga studio class on Saturdays from 9:15am to 10:15am.  See their class schedule for more,, or call 480.838.3379!

By: Brenda Lyttle – a health and beauty expert who began writing for publications in her community in 2005 and now commands an authority in writing on  healthy living, wrinkle cream, slimming path, and anti-aging related topics.