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Congratulations to Another Successful Swiha Graduate

We would like to take a moment to share with you this inspiring Graduate Testimonial from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts: I had no idea how much of my life would be impacted by my Life Coaching Training at SWIHA in January, 2009. The course helped me recognize and embrace the gifts I bring to others. I learned so many varied tools and techniques that I can choose what might work best for each client, where she is. More than anything, I learned how to ask powerful questions and create and hold space for someone. Through my company, Spark the Heart, I help women over 50 as they explore and transition into the next chapter of their lives.

Another Happy Life Coach Graduate

Life Coaching provides personal and professional empowerment.  If you or someone you know needs help finding their place or purpose in life, research or recommend a Life Coach!  You can find them here, at Great Therapists!  On that note, please allow us to share with you another happy Life Coach Graduate from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  We love nothing more than to see our amazing grads succeeding with their new found callings! “I had a corporate coaching background and wanted to add Life Coaching to my expertise.  After moving to AZ, I found and attended SWIHA Life Coach Training in 2006 and started a rewarding and successful Life/Business Strategy Coaching program for high achieving women.

Happy Swiha Graduates

Thankful and Successful SWIHA Graduates is what we thrive on!  Thank you all for taking the time to share your personal experiences with us and the world, through your SWIHA Testimonials.  Congrats to each and every one of you.  We are always here to help our SWIHA Students, new and experienced! Leah Agami – Founder of Trance – Formation My practice is doing better than I could have hoped for considering it hasn’t even been a year since I’ve been in business…. I have anywhere from 12-20 sessions a week (at $100 per session) consistently and get an average of 3-5 new clients a week!  The decision to go to SWIHA and take your class was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Recent Swiha Graduates Share their Experiences

SWIHA has been amazing!  The knowledge I have gained has been a healing force in my life as well as the lives of my family.  I have gained confidence in many areas – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I am healthier now more than any other time in my life. ~ Lenor Acedo (7/19/11) When I first began my journey @ SWIHA I had no experience with any holistic modalities and no idea where I was headed.  Upon completion of the MBW program, I discovered my healing gifts, have a business plan, and a glorious outlook for my future.  ~ Wilna Walker (8/4/11) SWIHA is the first community in Arizona where I have felt welcomed and right at home.

Online Holistic Health Education is Alive and Well Swiha

Here are two new testimonials from SWIHA Online students – just thought we’d share! I began this journey 6 months ago with the mind set of getting some training in a short amount of time to have a new set of skills and a career change. I also have had an interest in the healing arts for many years. Now…I am understanding that it is so much more, this program, this field and SWIHA. You have helped my role as being a student so much by creating a seamless environment to learn in.

Swiha Graduates Share their Experiences

These short yet sweet and sincere SWIHA Graduate Testimonials exemplify what SWIHA is all about!  No we did not exclude the negative ones – these are all we have recently received!  Blessings to each of you on your journeys and keep us posted on your successes.  Even if you need assistance down the road, that is what we are here for in the SWIHA Success Center! “My experience at SWIHA was life changing.  I now have opened so many new doors in my life and can walk down my new path with confidence and pride.” ~ Alison Staley “Wonderful school!  Helped me in more ways than I even thought possible.