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“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” ~Thomas Edison Homeopathy is a form of Alternative Medicine that is Holistic, scientifically based, practiced as a profession since the 1800’s, and in the United States since 1820.  It is the second most common form of Alternative Medicine in the America’s today. There is thought to be approximately 10,000 homeopathic practitioners in the United States, and there has been an explosion of interest in alternative medicine in the last ten years.

Healing Pages Bookstore-Books and Unique Spirit Inspired Gifts

A few steps in from the front reception desk at SWIHA’s main campus, you’ll find a door on the right. Step through, and you will be transported to a magical little place called the Healing Pages Bookstore.  Right away, your senses are gently greeted with scent, sight, and sound.  A subtle incense aroma lightly touches your olfactory system, soft music might tickle your auditory perception, and the glittering of gemstones delights your eyes. Look just a little further, and for those who love to become lost in the beautiful world of books, shelves stocked from floor to ceiling will greet you.  Welcome to the Healing Pages Bookstore. All of that might sound a little flowery, but experience the place for yourself and you will be delighted.