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Intimacy Meditations

Lately, my meditations center around Intimacy. The frequency of which it is longingly spoken of by both genders has been sucker punching me with astounding regularity in the last few months. Love and Intimacy Fear of Intimacy How to achieve Intimacy It is everywhere in the media, obnoxious in its ubiquity.  Clients talk about lacking it, friends chat about it in various public places and everyone, in a relationship or not, wants it or to somehow improve it. As I listen deeply to the content of conversations around this most confusing of subjects, it becomes obvious that few really know what it is.  Some call manipulative jabbering intimacy, while others seem obsessed with domesticating it and yoking to a predetermined course.

Making Friends in Your Later Years

One of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts‘ wonderful life coaches,  Richard Seaman was the professional advice behind this article, written by Ashley Macha, from AZ Central.  Here is some helpful information we would like to share on behalf of Richard, who so graciously volunteered to offer his professional life coaching advice to all. How important is friendship at any age? Friendships create a unique, safe place for us to be ourselves and more importantly to have a place we can be seen, heard and know that what we have to say matters to someone else – there is a witnessing of another person’s life.