Choose Your Words Mindfully

Words spoken, thought or written have the power to transform the world and our lives.  Every aspect of life is impacted by words.  The emotion we inspire with words can either heal or hinder.

Life is ever evolving and as we move forward we evolve with it.  There are times when we have simple answers to questions and at other times the answer to a question may not be that simple.  When we go through a crisis in life we often times reflect and question why we go through struggles or situations that are taxing.
The important thing to keep in mind is how we react and handle the situation.  It is so easy to stay to someone, “You’ll be okay or everything will be alright.”  Will they?  In many instances it is not easy for the person going through the experience to see or accept positive words.

What we as caregivers and healers should keep in mind is that it may not be the words that are the problem, but the tone in which they are spoken.  If we are mindful, we will focus on the person going through a rough patch and be a good listener first and then respond with compassion and gentleness of words that reflect genuine heartfelt meaning that does not come off as cliché.  Some healing words to share and assist a friend, client or love one may include alive, beaming, complete, courageous, dazzling, divine, enthusiastic, flourish, freedom, glow, healed, heart, lively, miracle, motivate, natural, nourished, refresh, relax, restore, serenity, shine, strong, sustain, thrive, transform, upbeat, vibrant, well, whole, and wondrous.  This list by far is not complete, but feel to use your creativity and place these words and others into sentences that may help someone going through a life changing event or circumstance can bring peace and harmony that soothes.
When I reflect on the words I chose to comfort myself and others, I am reminded of a scripture in Proverbs 12:18 ESV “Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.”  I once heard that a word is like a “living organism.”  This really gave me pause to look at words in a new way.   To the left here is another moving Proverbs scripture.

Words have the capability to grow, change, influence and spread.  Wow, words have a way to directly and indirectly affecting everyone we cross paths with.  I now seek to find words to incite and connect in a positive way and wish to share this with you today.  Family and friends often forget that they are also caregivers and their words are powerful and the person spoken too is receiving what they deliver and how it is delivered.  So, my message for today is to be mindful of our words and tone in wholeness and when assisting a loved one through a rough patch, let love come from the heart with the words spoken and/or expressed.

Language to inspire others is at its best when delivered with respect and compassion.  I invite you to share in spreading positive words as part of your daily life, whether it be with affirmations, quotes or simply sharing in general conversations.  Let’s heal the world today one word at a time.
Guest Author: Schenelle Johnson has a long history of providing services to help members of her community and brings keen insight, deep and compassionate support to her sessions and groups. Schenelle received certification from Recovery Innovations of California (RICA), which provided a high degree of educational and supportive services for those experiencing issues with mental health and/or addictions.  Her holistical education in alternative healing arts are a result of her extensive studies and hands on training from Southwestern Institute of Healing Arts in Phoenix, Arizona, as a Mind, Body Wellness Practitioner.  Schenelle has an intuitive nature and a gift for being a great listener and establishes a great rapport, quickly and easily with people she meets.  She enjoys helping other people to discover awareness and go after their dreams and to acknowledge their own unique greatness.   Today, she is living her dreams.  If you are ready to live yours, she would love to assist you transform from within and live an abundant life. Mission: Helping others reach long-term healthier lifestyle changes that impact their lives today and in the future.