Healing Pages Bookstore – Books and Unique Spirit-Inspired Gifts

Healing Pages Bookstore – Books and Unique Spirit-Inspired Gifts

A few steps in from the front reception desk at SWIHA’s main campus, you’ll find a door on the right. Step through, and you will be transported to a magical little place called the Healing Pages Bookstore.  Right away, your senses are gently greeted with scent, sight, and sound.  A subtle incense aroma lightly touches your olfactory system, soft music might tickle your auditory perception, and the glittering of gemstones delights your eyes.

Look just a little further, and for those who love to become lost in the beautiful world of books, shelves stocked from floor to ceiling will greet you.  Welcome to the Healing Pages Bookstore.

All of that might sound a little flowery, but experience the place for yourself and you will be delighted.  Often you will find a SWIHA staffer or student escaping the real world for a moment to become lost in perusing the many items inside.

As an accredited conscious college community, of course Southwest Institute of Healing Arts’ bookstore supplies its students with textbooks and a wide variety of other materials for its classes and programs.

But this is not your ordinary community college bookstore. In addition to textbooks and class materials, you can browse and enjoy a broad range of colorful, enlightening items from general reading books, music, yoga gear and apparel to spirit-inspired jewelry and gemstones.

The Healing Pages shelves are also stocked with essential oils, natural bath and body products and homeopathic remedies for professional as well as self-help use.

To help you get a better idea of what Healing Pages Bookstore has to offer, we are offering a new video segment called ‘Bookstore Minute’ that we plan to post on the last Friday of the month.  Each segment will spotlight a specific item. Here is our first installment featuring Desert Alchemy Flower Essences.

Healing Pages is infused with a relaxing atmosphere where everyone from the community is invited to browse for gifts, scan for an inspirational or educational personal item and enjoy a cup of complementary hot tea.

You will find reasonable prices and merchandise from local, international fair-trade and organic business vendors at Healing Pages.

Come browse the wide range of items at Healing Pages:

  • Text Books for SWIHA classes
  • General Reading Books
  • Yoga Gear & Apparel
  • Natural Bath & Body Products
  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Fair Trade Apparel & Decor
  • Essential Oils
  • Flower Essences
  • Jewelry & Gemstones
  • Massage oils, lotions, and accessories
  • Locally made Organic Snacks
  • Perfect place to find a special gift for yourself or a loved one
  • Complimentary Hot Tea and Cookies

For those of you off-campus or out of town, Healing Pages also offers a ‘virtual’ bookstore, Healing Pages Online, where you can order books, CDs, DVDs, and required materials for SWHA Online classes including webcams and accessories.  Click here to Visit Healing Pages Online Bookstore.

Come see us at Healing Pages Bookstore! Hope to see you in the aisles!