Holistic Health Gathering 2012 in Tempe Arizona Swiha October-21-2012

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts’ Holistic Health Gathering is a Body – Mind – Spirit Celebration – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – @ NO CHARGE, Sunday, October 21, 2012 from Noon – 6pm, held at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts –   1100 E. Apache Blvd. Tempe AZ 85281.



  • Alternative solutions to health care
  • Mini-sissions from local practitioners
  • Health check-ups and screenings
  • Opportunity to network with health professionals
  • Silent auction, proceeds will go to a local charity

To Become a Vendor or get details on the event, Call 480-393-1420 or email ramonas@swiha.edu.


In an interview with Ramona Sandavol, SWIHA’s Event & Placement Coordinator, she shared with us what makes this such an exciting event – for everyone!

All of the new developments in the Holistic are Industry are so exciting to discover!   The whole spectrum of Mind, Body and Spirit Health is ever growing, with new ways of tracking the bodies delicate sensations in a way that can be monitored every day and in so many ways makes this event such a great success.  The vendors knowing they will be reaching not only other vendors, but over 500 people, is exciting too.  The fact that there is something for everyone, no matter what their background, age, or where there are in the Holistic realm – everyone has something to see that will make them more aware of the greatness of Holistic Health care.

Why do people attend the Holistic Health Gathering?

People attend to increase their knowledge in  Holistic Health Care field. The event is free so they have nothing to lose and so much to gain.  Some people have commented that they come every year just to see all the different modalities that are present at each event.  They like the mini sessions and the freebees of course but the fun atmosphere makes coming to the event worth it.

Why is this event always a huge “success?”

Vendors keep coming back because they know they will get over 500 people coming throughout the afternoon, looking at their products or services, trying them and then asking questions about them.  The wanting of knowledge and the sharing of  knowledge is a boost to any vendor. Some vendors have been coming for many years and say they like the energy of the event.

What is your favorite part about the Holistic Health Gathering?

My favorite part of hosting the Holistic Health Gathering (HHG) is the excitement of organizing, planning, making sure everything is done before and during the event.  It is a lot of work but it enjoyable and so rewarding.  I am always exhausted after but It is so worth it.  My second favorite part is  meeting all the new vendors and people who come to the event.  We always have a number of new and exciting products/services that stimulate my mind and thoughts with regard to the health of the body, mind and spirit.  I also love that we have the silent auction. It’s always a pleasure to see what the vendors are willing to give in the name of charity.  Hearing the conversations in the halls from the participants is always such great fun.  I have heard so many things that make me smile and feel proud to be a part of this event.  I enjoy organizing and planning for this event every year and seeing what new ideas we can come up with to make it better each year.  Joanne is fun to work with too!

Ramona adds:

Some of the things I have heard that make me smile are:  “I don’t know what was done to me but it sure made me feel good.”  The toe reading I just had was incredible.  How can they tell all that about me by looking at my toes!”  “This place feels so good I just want to come back to feel this again”   “That was different…”   “Have you tried that color thing?”  (Aura photos)   “Where are the free things?”  “This is my 4th time coming to this event and I just love it.  There are always different things to see and experience.”