How Are You Serving in the World

The Meaning Of Life is to Find Your GIFT ~ The Purpose Of Life is to Share it with Others!   Do you agree with this statement?

So, how are you serving in the world?  Many people are reflecting on their Purpose and Passion for Life this 2012, the year of transformation.  If you’ve thought about this even once, it’s worth a closer look, at the BIG Dream… and Southwest Institute of Healing Arts will help you find that dream and make it a reality!

If you consider even ONE opportunity to find your answer, consider taking SWIHA’s Online Introduction to Life Coaching, and Up-level the way YOU ‘show up’ in the world.  Here you will learn to ‘play’ with and ‘master’ a compelling communication model, if you are READY!

SWIHA Online also provides amazing, New Diplomas and Degrees with MORE compelling choices such as Holistic Nutrition, Urban Farming, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Studies and more!

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own Holistic Health business, you will gain all the tools you need to build your business from the ground up in our Entrepreneurial Support class, PLUS receive ongoing Entrepreneurial Support from Our Success Center!

The next big start date is August 13, 2012 – don’t miss this one!

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~ Many Blessings ~