Intention Setting and Organization for Self Growth in 2012

If you have not already done so, or would like to re-evaluate what goals you have set for 2012, let’s go there, shall we? Notice the word ‘Resolution’ was not used.

Resolutions can oftentimes end up in failure. In the words of Anthony Robbins, the founder of the coaching movement, “Resolutions only require words, Results require ACTION.” To take this a step further…right action combined with right Intention will help you achieve sustainable Goals while developing new habits and healthy behaviors.

So what does all of this have to do with de-cluttering and getting organized?

  • De-cluttering is to remove clutter from.
  • Organizing is to arrange in working order

As you look back at 2011 identify the areas of your life that you are not satisfied with. These areas could include; relationships, health, fun & recreation, money, personal growth, career, your physical environment and spirituality.

Ask yourself why you are not happy with the particular areas.

The annoyances that you have identified in each area identified is clutter! It could be the physical clutter that is there for you to see every day and is a cause of stress for you and your family, perhaps it is conversations with people that leave you emotionally drained, maybe it is the volunteer activity that you are still doing for all the wrong reasons that takes up too much of your valuable time. Clutter is clutter…in your space, in your time in your life.

Now look forward to 2012…

A clean slate, 365 days to live a life with right intention. Now look at the areas of your life again. How do you want them to be? Be specific, write it down. For example a resolution would be to lose a specific number of pounds, which by the end of January has already lost its luster and you are right back to your old habits.

Setting the right Intention would sound like this… “In 2012 I will be mindful of when I eat, how I eat, why I eat, what I am eating and how much I am consuming so I can have more energy and feel better.

This shift from a static number in the resolution to the imagery of intention setting activates the parts of the brain that support long term success. Stephen Covey says in the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People “Begin with the End in Mind,” in other words putting the elements of your life into working order.

You are now going beyond a resolution; you are setting the right intentions for the New 2012 Year.

Now go and take that clean slate and set intentions for your best year ever. What are the areas of YOUR life that need de-cluttering and organizing?

This brings us to the next area of foucs – O R G A N I Z A T I O N! Organization is the Foundation of all Growth.
There is a shift happening and part of the shift is a sharing of philosophies and thoughts on living an optimal life.
On the path of Self Growth there are many layers of beliefs and ways of thinking and being that are peeled away to reveal the true self. The layers involve elements from the past and present that affect how you move forward into the future you are dreaming of.  One of the layers that hold many people back is disorganization and excess of clutter.

Organization is the foundation of all GROWTH.

This is something that all the great philosophers and spiritual teachers know and live by. In their work the answers are there if you are ready to hear the lesson…when the student is ready the teacher arrives…and yes, without clutter.

In the book Change your Thoughts Change your Life, Dr Wayne Dyer interprets the Tao Te Ching. Dr Dyer shares an interpretation that for the rest of the world makes this 5,000 year old teaching by Lao-tzu very easy to absorb. In the 77th verse it says…”when it is surplus, it reduces; when it is deficient, it increases.”  It is asking us to put surpluses back into the world to decrease deficiencies that exist elsewhere.

Think about what you have too much of that you can share.

Is your home overflowing with things that are no longer useful or beautiful to you? Do you have an excess of time in your schedule that you can share in a meaningful way, like volunteering at a local school? Do you have an abundance of love and energy that is ready to be shared?

People who practice Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, will tell you that eliminating clutter is the most important first step in bringing peace, serenity and simplicity into your life.

If you want simplicity and peace then you need to create an environment that supports that desire.

By eliminating the things in your life that are no giving you energy but taking it away, you will open up space for things, people and events that will bring great joy and energy.

In his book Harmonic Wealth, author and teacher James Ray asks “what are you surrounding yourself with?” The universe loves order …a chaotic external world is a reflection of a chaotic inner world.

Are you living in a swirl of chaos?

If clutter and disorganization are an outward sign of stuck energy, then now is the time to have a close look at where the chaos shows up in your life. This clutter can show up in your home as an excess of stuff, in your office as too much paper, schedules that are overflowing and cause great stress, or in relationships that have run their course however you keep hanging on.

By freeing up space in your home, calendar and life you are allowing space to exist. The moments between are the ones that are needed the most, however, they also cause the greatest fear.

In order to receive any more into your life you have to let go of what is no longer serving you.

Clean out what no longer serves you so you can make space for opportunities and possibilities.
Guest Author:  Elaine Shannon is serious!  You can send her ideas so the posts of 2012 will help you to achieve YOUR New Years Intentions. Elaine Shannon is a leading expert in de-cluttering time and space issues for business owners, individuals and families across the globe.  She acts as a life strategist, mentor, second-in command, partner and energizer for people that are seriously ready to move their lives and business(es) forward and are seeking self-sustaining, long-lasting results.