Is Xanax a good idea for social anxiety?

Anxiety disorders can be very depressing for its sufferers and there is a wide range of anxiety disorders. There are also different therapeutic measures channelled towards treating it. Different patients respond to different methods in varying degree. This is such that what works for one may not work for the other and vice versa. The wide range of anxiety disorders includes; panic attacks and social anxiety. These disorders are usually characterized by an exaggerated or exacerbated feeling of fear in the absence of any real threat. One could feel tremulous (that is, they could start having tremors); they could also start feeling like they are about to die (feeling of impending doom) like they are about to have a heart attack or start hearing their heart beating fast (palpitations). These are the possible symptoms of one having an anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety is a kind of anxiety that people have usually when they are scared of being criticized or scrutinized in public or after a show/performance. It afflicts youths and young adults most especially and there is usually no proportionate reason for the anxiety. It can be very debilitating for the sufferers and that is why this article shall be examining the role of Xanax in managing social anxiety; does it have a role at all, if yes, is it a good one? Xanax is the brand name for the drug Alprazolam, which is a benzodiazepine that is used in treating anxiety, panic attacks and depression. If you are planning to purchase Xanax drug online, then opting for the best Canadian pharmacy xanax drug store would be appropriate so that you can get hold of genuine drug at a discounted price. Xanax drugs relevance in the treating social anxiety would depend on:

1. The cause of the social anxiety:

It is important that one investigates the cause of the social anxiety. Is it just another anxiety disorders that have to do with the patient needing to calm down or is it something that can be traced to an occurrence in their past. For the former, Xanax may be perfect, but for the latter but it may only give asymptomatic relieve and so further evaluation and possible consultation with a psychologist may be required.

2. Patient’s response to Xanax:

Patients respond differently to different drugs so it is important to see how the patient responds to Xanax. Most of the patients suffering from social anxiety have benefited from Xanax. Patients who have already tried Xanax and felt no changes can buy other anti-anxiety medication from online Pharmacy, and use them as an alternative to Xanax.

3. Any other illnesses that the patient has:

Xanax is contraindicated (not to be used) in patients with narrow-angle glaucoma and it is important for your doctor to be aware if you suffer from asthma, depression, kidney or liver disease including seizures.

4. The patient’s side effects to the xanax:

If one is experiencing depression, palpitations drowsiness or any other symptoms while taking Xanax they may need to see their physician.

5. Drug-drug reaction or history of reaction to benzodiazepine:

If someone is taking ketoconazole or they have a past history of allergy to benzodiazepine, Xanax may not be the ideal drug for their social anxiety disorder.


So no doubt Xanax is a good idea for treating social anxiety disorder but it should be used in the context of the aforementioned points.