Massage Therapy As A Rewarding Career Or For Fun Part-time Income

So many different types of Massage Therapy Jobs have been created over the last two decades as the Massage Therapy Profession has flourished and naturally moved into mainstream healthcare.   Over the last two years, on average, Massage Therapy has increased the number of jobs offered by 3 %.  The Occupational Outlook Handbook, produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, reports that Massage Therapy Jobs are predicted to grow much faster than average due to the massage industry’s growing ability to report the health benefits of massage therapy to the general public.

Massage Therapy Jobs are expected to increase by 19% from 2008 to 2018, one of the fastest growing careers on average for all types of occupations (estimated by the U.S. Department of Labor)!   Thus, the demand will be high for professionals who are knowledgeable about benefits and techniques of massage therapy, as well as having the skills to provide a therapeutic massage treatment.

Important facts about Massage Therapy:

  • Massage therapy is offered in 35-40% of hospitals all over the world.
  • 55% of physicians recommend massage therapy to patients.
  • 40% of physical therapists recommend massage therapy to patients.
  • Massage therapists earn on average $45 per hour.
  • Massage therapists average $10-$20 more per hour for a specialty service like Fibromyalgia Massage or Pregnancy Massage.
  • Massage therapists see on average 40-42 clients per month.
  • Chiropractors either hire a massage therapist or recommend a massage therapist to most clients.
  • 75% of massage therapists report that they receive referrals from many different types of healthcare providers.
  • Many different types of massage therapy jobs are now expanding the job market for massage therapists.
  • No longer are cruise ship jobs, spa jobs and private practice your only career choices.
  • From massage doula to Certified Injury Prevention Instructors (CIPI), massage therapists are discovering a whole new world of career possibilities, and combining those that interest them most, to create their own tailor-made career.

Statistics on Massage Therapy as a Main Career or Second Career (from the American Massage Therapy Association):

  • In 2011, the average annual income for a massage therapist (including tips) was estimated to be $21,028.
  • While massage therapists work in a variety of work environments, sole practitioners account for the largest percentage of practicing therapists (73 %).  Fifty % work at least part of their time at a client’s home/business/corporate setting or their home, 29 % in a spa setting and 29 % in a healthcare setting.
  • Eighty-three % of massage therapists started practicing massage therapy as a second career.
  • Sixty % of massage therapists say they would like to work more hours of massage than they presently do.
  • More than half of massage therapists (53 %) also earn income working in another profession.
  • Of those massage therapists who earn income working in another profession 23 % work as a business/professional, 22 % work in health care while 18 % practice other forms of bodywork.
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Take a look at what kind of Massage Therapy Jobs are out there, or to find a massage job near you right now; there are many online resources to check out!  Here are just a few web resources: