New Transformational Yoga Coaching

In only 2 weeks Transformational Yoga Coaching will be offered for the first time at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, otherwise known as SWIHA!  We are using Swami Sivananda Radha’s wonderful book called: The Hidden Language ~ Symbols, Secrets & Metaphors.  The workshop, like the book, will explore the mythological meaning of each posture, using ‘deep questioning skills’ to stretch beyond the physical.

The intention is to penetrate the mystical messages of the asanas so that the body is truly understood as a spiritual tool and used a messenger.  Please consider joining Tracy McDonald and KC Miller on June 1-3 & June 15-17 for this amazing workshop.  To participate please call SWIHA Student Services at 480-994-9244 today to register.  Transformational Yoga Coaching classes, scheduled for June 1-3 and June 15-17.

How did this Workshop come to BE?  KC Miller, founder of SWIHA, SWINA and SOY, shares a beautiful journey of the creation of this amazing class/workshop called Transformational Yoga Coaching.

*  In 1992 KC took a program called Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy that was life-hanging; she took it the month she opened SWIHA (then SWIM).  It could be described as an ‘emotional release yoga class.’

*  Less than 18 to 24 months later KC took her first two Polarity classes:  Polarity I with Carol Briskin and Polarity Communications with Gary Strauss.  Again, life changing!

*  The key for KC was that she perceived that the exact same communication paradigm was used in both programs.  She vowed someday that SWIHA would offer a combination course, because at the time, BOTH Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Polarity made you ‘sign in blood’ that you would NOT use any of the information taught in either of their classes until you were fully certified in the individual modalities.

*  In 2005/06 KC took a Life Coaching class that again used a similar communication method, as well as was co-teaching Polarity classes with Carolyn Fraser.  From an intense spirit-filled weekend Polarity class, Toe Reading was born (whole story there too) and after thousands of readings she realized, YES, there is a therapeutic communication model format taught in a variety of modalities ~ but it’s really about teaching people to ‘hold space so that the Divine Spirit‘ can work through them, and what comes out is SpiritSpeak, and no one can own that process.

*  In 2009 KC started going to Japan and her SpiritSpeak became bilingual as SoulSpeak. In 2011 her dream of Spirit of Yoga came true.  We tried one last time to sponsor Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy trainings and they did not work out well at all.

*  KC had a session with Gary Strauss and he helped her realize she has been preparing to write/teach/birth Transformational Yoga Coaching for most of her life!

*  KC recently found a book written by Swami Sivananda Radha called Hatha Yoga: The Hidden Language of Symbols, Secrets & Metaphor. She wrote the book over 20 years ago; she is in heaven now and KC is choosing to use her book as the grounding for Transformational Yoga Coaching.

*Gary has suggested that KC work with Tracy McDonald as an assistant for the upcoming Transformational Yoga Coaching classes, scheduled for the first and third weekends in June due to the fact that Tracy has completed a YTT program and currently teaches a studio class at Spirit of Yoga.

* Finally, KC’s dream, passion and vision is coming true in the offering of this class.  Will you be joining us?

To participate please call SWIHA Student Services at 480-994-9244 today to register!

Again, Transformational Yoga Coaching Classes are scheduled for June 1-3 and June 15-17, 2012.