Push Down To Go Up – Earth To Divine Energy!

Earth first!  The primary principle in utilizing Spiritual Energy is in it’s polarity – the Earth.  A penetrating, connected relationship with the Earth is viewed by many spiritual practices to be necessary for the effective usefulness of spiritual energy.  Earth is first, and necessary in the harnessing of the higher vibrational energy of Source.  Once harnessed, spiritual energy can be focused and delivered into life.  The journey to a spiritual life demands that the seeker first enter the Earth for the ultimate hookup.
There is a phrase that dance teachers use when helping a student find their center in the midst of movement – “Push down to go up,” and teach that a thread is connected from the crown held in perfect alignment by the sky above.  By strongly pushing against the floor, a dancer creates a steady connected foundation that becomes a focused line to the sky.  It’s two way energetic force raises them onto their toes, centers a turn, becomes a spring board for leaps and allows for absolute control of dynamic movement around the core.  It is a moment where heaven and earth are in perfect harmony.  From the center of that connection, all is possible…

The involution and evolution of life energy are necessarily interdependent polarities.  As energy descends into physical matter it densifies.  It must to become physical.  Each step from Source to Earth is a step into density.  To be useful it must then evolve up and outward, back into life.  On a smaller scale, the step down can be seen reflected in the descending colors of a rainbow or the human chakras.  The colors descend from the light reflection of very fast vibratory energy (violet), to the slower reflection of light vibration (red). This is energy slowing down.  As it densifies and grounds, it’s potential becomes available for use on the physical plane.
Our bodies contain a rainbow bridge of energy, as in a rainbow, our chakras densify from our connection to Source, to our connection with the physical plane.  We have the innate ability to ground spiritual and healing energy and then focus it into our deeds in the physical.

The practice of meditation is a key entrainment for this.  Meditation teachings begin with grounding the root or body and then opening upward to Source Wisdom, much like the dancer’s line of energy between the floor and the sky.  This creates a state of pure presence and centered stillness that transcends thoughts.  The witness consciousness now emerges.  It is a powerful point of creation.  Like the dancer, the meditator now becomes a grounding cord for spiritual energy.  Everything that pulses from this place is truly inspired.  Entraining this presence provides a source to tap in daily life.  Earth is an anchor for Divine creative energy.
The Dancer uses descending involutionary energy to anchor it’s evolution upward expression.  The meditator grounds her root as to be open to enlightenment.  The planting of an electrical line is necessary for a lightbulb to illuminate.  Our body anchors spiritual energy and it’s useful expression into life.  Earth is necessarily first in the steps toward expression of Spiritual energy.

Guest Author:

Dina Fraboni is a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner and RPE. She teaches energy as a healing art, and Polarity Therapy in Los Angeles at The life Energy Institute
www.lifeenergyinstitute.net, and in Tempe, AZ at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Fraboni is a published photographer and writer of essays on energy, humanity and social issues.  She has written contributing Polarity program classes and a 160 hour Polarity – Thai Program for The Life Energy Institute.  She is also the author of three classroom workbook texts Polarity Thai I, Polarity Thai II, and Polarity Thai Integrations.