Real Experiences In Toe Reading Education

By reading your toes, the story will unfold… Are you walking your destined path?

Did you know that everything that happens in our lives is recorded holographically into our feet?  This is the very foundation of Toe Reading!  Major traumas, dramas, personality tendencies and destiny factors are all revealed in the shape of our toes.  As KC miller, master Toe Reader puts it, “Everything is Something,” which is so true in Toe Reading/Soul Coaching.  Three students recently shared their Online Toe Reading Education experience.


Toe reading fits into my life by reminding me that the path that I choose to walk gets etched in my toes. If I want to see where I have been I can read my toes and adjust my path accordingly. I still personally dislike toes but I found this class very interesting and accurate. I enjoy learning new things and although I wouldn’t have just chosen this class for myself, I am very glad that I had a chance to take it and learn more about myself. ~ Brittany Nesmith

I totally enjoyed this class from a spiritual perspective. I think it has allowed me to open up inside and identify some old issues that were hidden under the surface. It has worked hand in hand with my yoga practice. As I continue to explore spiritual work in yoga and my belief systems, I can check in with my toes to intuitively gauge my process and make changes accordingly (vision statement). ~ Troy Timmons

At first, I was a bit skeptical, and I still get a bit embarrassed saying I study toe reading, but I have to admit that I do have interest in working more on this art. I hope that I will be able to do more readings via photos from my friends and others who might find it interesting. I’m not sure at this time how it will fit into my life, but I leave that up to the universe to decide. I think that as the year goes on and I learn more that it is possible I will be able to find a more defining roll for toe reading other than my current “I’m exploring” stage. ~ Susan Morgan

You too can take the first step towards becoming a Registered Toe Reader, and learn to Connect Sole to Soul!  It is true – everything that happens in our lives is recorded holographically into our feet.  If you too are skeptical about this modality, you can first begin to learn the elemental language of toe reading  by discovering the Toe Elements, and/or sign up for complimentary 7-day mini-sessions, teaching you the basics of Toe Reading… toe by toe.  Learn to love the language the toes metaphorically speak.

As a Soul Coach you will be Restoring HOPE by Honoring Other’s Past Experiences.

Ken Hegan, National Post journalist had the opportunity to visit Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and have a Toe Reading conducted by KC Miller herself!  He recently shared his experience in a clever article he published in the Nation Post, titled “Soul Man.”  Since he knew nothing about this art before his experience, he got his toes mixed up in the reading since he did not know what toe was what in his recording.  However, despite this, he was so grateful for his Toe Reading adventure and thanked KC profusely.  To say the least, Ken was inspired by his visit to SWIHA and is now “walking the path to his destiny.”

If you are looking to have your toes read by a Toe Reader, visit and explore your options.

The TOES are WINDOWS to the SOUL!