Reiki Classes For Children

In 2007 when I learned Reiki I knew in my heart that I had to teach it.  I thought that it could be the solution to the world’s problems.  If only everyone could learn and incorporate it into their lives, it would bring peace to the world.

Reiki is a healing energy that comes from Spirit into us, and is channeled through our hands to wherever/whomever we intend to send it.  This energy feels like being filled with waves of love, it is very gentle and relaxing and it helps to balance the body/mind and spirit, bringing that way whatever that person is ready to receive at the moment and always for the greatest and highest good.
Reiki stands for everything that is Love;it teaches allowance and trust in a Higher Intelligence, but must of all it made me feel so much peace.  It has taught me to get out of my own way and believe that Spirit knows what is really needed.

Having grown in a very conservative Catholic family, I was getting into uncharted territory, trying something that was so different.  What I learned through the process is that it really is not that different, Reiki made me feel so much closer to Spirit and so much respect for life… I learned about giving and receiving, and how it can help in our relations with everything and everyone.

At the time my children were 8 and 10 years old.  They both enjoyed receiving it.  It was for them that I organized my first “Reiki for Kids” class.  I had been teaching it to adults for a while and knew that it had to be done differently in order to keep them engaged and having fun!

I was in for an incredible experience!  The kids knew this loving energy in their hearts.  They understood it and didn’t really need so many “words” as we adults do.  They embraced it immediately!

So that summer, I created a class for 6 kids at my home, where they would learn first and second degree Reiki in a week….

During class they learned about the history of Reiki and about Dr. Usui.  We talked about the principles and each gave examples of how they apply them in their lives.  The attunements were done individually in a separate room.  They took turns while they waited doing art work.  Chakras and colors were easy for them, as we made up a game to learn them.  They finger-painted the symbols in huge rolls of paper while focusing on how they perceived each energy.  They practiced the mental/emotional healing on each other as they provided feedback to their partner.

Long distance Reiki was a lot of fun too.  They brought pictures and stuffed animals.  They also created a Reiki box as a project, where they painted, cut and pasted, and then we dedicated them, so that whenever they gave Reiki to the box, they knew they were sending Reiki to whatever o whomever they had inside the box, like pictures and names of family members and friends.
We used every opportunity throughout out class days to practice.  They gave Reiki to plants and connected with their energy fields.  They gave Reiki to my Labrador while she fell into a complete and  blissful sleep.  They chose crystals from my collection, charged them, learned what their properties are, and learned how they could be used for healing.  They also gave Reiki to their food and water to bring out the very best in them.

They learned how to give a proper session.  These were very short and there was a lot of conversation going on.  It was all about what they were experiencing in the moment and how good it was to be able to help someone else at the same time they received the energy themselves.  It made them feel empowered and connected to God.

What I loved the must was seeing them practice on each other.  Five kids around the Reiki table standing in different places and trusting their intuition and what their hands were telling them, knowing that whatever way they chose to do it would be just perfect.

In my experience as a mother and Reiki Master, Reiki is a tool that all kids could benefit from.  It empowers them, making  them confident that they can handle a stomach ache or a bandaged knee.  It teaches them how to relax so they can handle situations in a more balanced  matter.  It teaches them the power of their thoughts and their intentions so they can direct them in a positive way.

About the Guest Author: Magda Theil is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Registered Polarity Therapist and Transformational Hypnotherapist.  She gives healing sessions helping people that have back and/or neck pain that are looking to heal the root of the problem and not only their symptoms.  She also gives public presentations on Holistic Healing and back pain.  For more information on Reiki Classes for Children with Magda, or for adults, please check her website or contact her  Facebook: Magdalena Thiel