Swihas Holistic Education 20 Years in Service

Happy Birthday SWIHA!  Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is a nationally accredited (ACCET) private college and community-healing center for Holistic Healthcare careers and continuing education – and they have been in service now, open to the world, for 20 years today!  For those who do not know, SWIHA is dedicated to providing professional, affordable education (on-campus and online) for those interested in entering the healing arts profession, for those interested in continuing their education, as well as to those seeking personal andspiritual growth.  SWIHA is committed to providing on-going entrepreneurial support and career guidance through “Our Success Center” for holistic healthcare practitioners in private practice and to those establishing or growing a business.

Whether you seek to earn a degree, diploma, specialty certificate or take courses towards continuing education or personal development, you will receive more than an education at SWIHA; you’ll receive a transformative experience. SWIHA graduates ‘fully conscious’ health professionals in Massage Therapy, Yoga Teacher Training, Holistic Nutrition, Western Herbalism, Bodywork, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and so much more.

Their mission is to help individuals discover their gifts and graces, and support them as they share their talents with the world in a loving and profitable way. SWIHA embraces individual, community and global healing, and teaches how to ’Touch Lives, Heal Bodies & Free Souls.’

Founder of SWIHA, KC Miller shares a bit about WHO SWIHA was made for:

Has anyone ever called you an ‘odd-ball’ or suggested YOU didn’t ‘fit in’ . . . or maybe accused you of ‘dancing to the beat of your own drum?’  If so then YOU are not alone!  It seems that those of us who are called to study and master the Holistic Healing Arts are destined to travel the road less traveled.  Recently I was given a t-shirt with the phrase ‘Spiritual Gangster’ on the front; I considered the term a compliment.

Twenty years ago when I was guided to start Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) many people thought I was crazy . . . far-out . . . woo-woo . . . and probably a lot of other things.  However, from its humble roots, SWIHA has grown into an award-winning, state licensed, nationally accredited college offering Associate Degrees in Holistic Healthcare with a wide variety of diplomas, certificates, concentrations, and continuing education courses, both On-campus and Online, with one purpose in mind ~ to connect individuals with their inner guidance so as to discover their ‘gifts and graces’ and make a commitment as to how they would serve in the world.

IF you have even heard about SWIHA, we believe there are no accidents.  You, too, may be a ‘Spiritual Gangster,’ a rebel . . . a teacher . . . or a leader in this movement that is now rapidly becoming a part of the very fabric of our current reality . . . Holistic Health Care, Urban Farming, Energy Healing, Yogic Philosophy and Lifestyle, and so much more.  IF these words do not scare you, rather excite you about a new future for yourself and those you are ultimately being called to serve, please take a few minutes to explore what our Holistic College is all about. . . see what we have to offer . . . and listen to your own guidance.  Whether you are drawn to take a single class with us for personal or spiritual development, or you are drawn to a diploma or degree . . . may today be the day you choose with your heart, and not just your head, as to what your next step in life is . . .

KC Miller