The Alkaline Diet

Many have heard of the phrase “we are what we eat,” but the real question is: “Do we know what this means and how food really affects the body?”   The Alkaline Diet is not new news, but let’s explore WHY this is important to KNOW…..

It should be more than obvious that a person would not put sugar in their gas tank, as this would destroy the engine.  The car engine requires the right mixture of gas to function properly.  The same is true with our body.  It runs better when it is supplied with the correct mixture of foods.  It is already understood that the body needs protein, carbohydrates, and fats to function properly.  However, it also needs the correct ratio of alkalinity and acidity.

The human body operates at about 7.4pH.  It may vary slightly from person to person.  Dr. Martin Katz of “Revolution Health Center” recommends a diet that is 70 percent alkaline and 30 percent acidifying.  Foods that would be considered alkalizing are those that are plant based, such as fruits and veggies, while those that are considered acidifying would be grains, beans, and meat.  From analyzing the typical American fast food diet, it is clear that the many foods fall into the acidifying category.  That double cheeseburger with the large chocolate shake is very acidifying to the body.  What happens when we consume an alkalizing diet?

According to Katz, a person should see an improvement in their potassium/sodium ratio.  This plays an important part in reducing cardiovascular disease, such as strokes and hypertension.  In addition the client should also see improvement in bone density.  This is a very important point, because a large number of Americans suffer from bone loss.

Dr. Katz also shares that this alkalizing diet has helped heal patients with “arthritic conditions, cancer, and diabetes.”  In fact, the doctor was able to get patients off high doses of insulin.

Before beginning the alkalizing diet, Dr. Katz strongly recommends that a person get permission from their doctor or nutrition coach.  There could be potential problems for those that are currently taking medications.  Once the client gets the “okay” from their doctor, they are free to start giving the body the alkalizing fuel mixture that it was designed for.

What food are you fueling your body with?

Looking for some Alkaline Recipes???  Here are some helpful options:

Guest Author: Terry Fatland is a natural born teacher and counselor who has self-published two poetry books, as well as a book of transformative phrases and photos. He also publishes inspirational articles, short stories, poems, and song lyrics on Hub Pages dot com which are available for free to the general public. Terry is certified in Reflexology and Reiki, and is currently working towards certification in Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching. Terry has been studying and applying spirituality and self-help wisdom since the mid 1990s. He receives intuitive guidance through his writings and strongly believes that we can all connect to this Universal Wisdom. Terry’s mission is to inspire, empower, educate, and to bring healing to the world. In Terry’s philosophy, the sky is not the limit. He believes we are powerful and creative Spiritual Beings destined for absolute greatness.