The Connection to Natural Birthing

The health of a child starts from the very day it is alive, in the mother’s womb. The overall wellness of a mother is crucial for the health of her child. The mother and the child are ONE, connected by the umbilical cord. Following a holistic approach is the approach to wellness in all natural areas of the soul; emotional, physical and spiritual. The holistic approach focuses on diet and exercise using various therapy techniques and practices. Holistic approach to birthing and the birthing experience alone are connected because the birthing experience is a natural occurrence and so is the holistic approach. Studies show that using drugs legal or illegal during pregnancy has a direct impact on the fetus so you’re not only putting your own life on the line, but you are risking the health of your unborn baby.

You are faced with many things that you should take precautions with when considering doing what majority of women do in the United States, which is birthing in hospitals, using technology, medications such as epidurals, Pitcon, Cesarian c-section. All of these procedures and medications have been proven to cause serious problems in birthing such as infections, injuries, prolonged pain or healing and even risk of death. When you’re in an environment such as a hospital that advocates to treat you and your child with drugs, with the general focus of skipping your overall nutritional wellness this can be the major influence for how you begin to treat yourselves for the rest of your life.

natural-childbirthThings like Pitcon. Epidurals and c-sections, have side effects, and it is proven that Epidurals statistically lengthen the birth process cause a large amount of stress on the mother, which will of course also cause stress on the baby; remember, they are one. However a mother feels mentally, physically and spiritually, so will the child. That overall experience of actually giving birth to the child affects the mother a great deal… For instance, if she had a long process to release the baby, was crying and feeling stresses, she won’t be able to be there for the child right after giving birth. After a stressful birth and feeling the side effects of the medication, the mother will need her rest; if she’s too exhausted she won’t be able to feed the child, which now has led the child to drinking formula. This can start a chain of events, and repercussions can last for years. Let’s not get into how formulas will affect the child with nutrition, but let alone the lack of bonding through natural breastfeeding, might be lost forever.

Being that pregnancy affects the mind, body and spirit we should consider our health and consider getting support while going through this transformational time of birthing. There are many programs offered that help the mind, body and spirit such as holistic health programs such asyoga, nutrition, reiki, homeopathy, aromatherapy, life coaching,homeopathic remedies, acupuncture and eastern medicine, and spiritual support groups. In life this will not only make for the mother’s experience a more personal one – the child will benefit a a great deal as well, as the mother is fully in tune with her conscious and body. There are holistic practitioners such as professional certified Doulas who can help the pregnant mother for before, during or postpartum of the birth; she helps you with mental, physical and emotional support. Allow your experience to be created by you. With this holistic support, she can give you the needed information for this special time of your lives (the entire family).

child birthAs far back as we can go, women were giving birth where there were no hospitals; the beauty of it is, they are still doing this today. Now days we want to sort of cheat our way out of the pain in birthing and get it over with so to say, but in the end we only are cheating ourselves and possibly, our babies. We can find that birthing in hospitals now is a business; it is not necessary to be medicated unless you have a serious health issue. The insurance companies are making tons of money through birthing. We are so full of fear of the pain and the unknown experience that we automatically go with what society may say is safe.

As Lipton said it, “Nature created this entire birthing process, and every step of the way is instrumental and effective in creating a natural, normal development of a human. When we try to bypass the process or interfere with the use of chemicals and drugs, we are diverting a very natural process of evolution.” It can be rewarding when going through an all-natural birth. Learning to trust your body and respecting nature will give you and the baby a great gift of a blissful beginning to a new life for the both/all of you. We need to empower women more to trust their instinctsrather than let fear and scare tactics, rob us of our instincts.

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Guest Author:  Janet Pinto lives in Connecticut and is currently attending school online with SWIHA.  She finds herself on a wonderful journey and life path leading her to holistic wellness. She is most passionate about universal awareness through health. While learning about and helping others to explore the wonders of the mind, body and spirit, she seeks to inspire others through life coaching, nutritional workshops and group retreats. Being connected to nature through the holistic approach has brought her closer to the Earth and her Higher Purpose.