The Four Elements of People and What Works for Them

It has been noticed by many that there are four different Types Of People which reflect theNatural Elements of which everything in this world is made of.  Divinity is present in all Four Elements, so I am not counting one particular dominant elemental focus of a person.


One example: a person who is almost always hot to the touch skin usually a little more red of pink, they like spicy foods, consume alcohol and get wild – this is indicative of a Dominant Fire Element Individual. For them, aggressive massages like deep tissue will stimulate them and move them, but will not calm them or balance them; whereas, a Swedish Massage with its water element approach of long smooth and flowing strokes may put them to sleep and balance them.  With this example here are the four types I have identified some of this is similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda, but it is my observations of clients.

Chief Characteristics of fire dominant people consist of high energy and enthusiasm, high body temperature, preference for spicy foods and loud places to eat, they love loud music (especially rhythmic music that gets the body moving), dancing, martial arts, determination, fierce loyalty, declarations of charitable acts before they do it, etc.

Fire dominant people are fiercely loyal and tend to be innovative.  They consume resources quickly, particularly food, making room for more food and resources or create large tracts of areas which are particularly useful.  They blaze bright and when tired or ill, tend to be cold.  Their bodies tend to be lean and require the fuel necessary to power a high energy lifestyle.  Thinking fast, moving fast, loving deeply and sometimes too quickly, the fire element defines themselves on change, as they despise consistency seeing it as stagnation.  Conflict holds a special place in the fire dominants heart – they love the clash of opposing forces and the passionate emotions this brings to the forefront on both sides, and it is for this reason that sports is filled with fire element individuals.  The military is a fire element organization attracting fiercely loyal warriors to protect others from harm.

For a Fire element to relax they need balance water to quench fire they must put aside the instinct for activity and become still meditation can teach the Fire element to channel their skills into productive pursuits and increase successes in a narrower list of activities. Swedish Massage Hypnotherapy, Polarity Therapy, and Tai Chi in particular are good Choices.

Chief characteristics of water dominant people consist of; colder body temperatures, rounder shaped bodies, paler skin, a need to move which differs from fire because if they do not move they stagnate.  Water individuals love a quiet peaceful, cooler environment; they do not care for arguments and would like to make peace when necessary.  They find solace in isolated, beautiful places and aesthetically pleasing works of art.  When conflict is inevitable they flow around it.  They conflict with fire people who see them as lukewarm as well as Earth People because their taciturn realism and tendency to want to remain still cause friction between the two of them.  As a result it is known for water elements to be drawn into associations such as the Buddhist Monks, and Quakers around their own element they all flow together and usually with a minimum of conflict which is smoothed out given time and processing.  A Swedish massage is not appropriate for them, and neither is Hypnotherapy because this will simply be unbalancing their dominant element.  Water people will respond to Deep Tissue Myotherapy and Sports Massage, which move things shift things and remove obstacles.  Soft voices relax them and loud voices unease them, so somewhere in the middle will be perfect.

Earth Element people are set in their ways, strong, logical, reasonable, predictable unchanging, reliable and supportive.  Their body types are usually boxy and slow moving.  They give the fruits of their labors to those they love often becoming “the rock” everyone leans upon.  Their cold, clear analysis of the situation often involves their rather deep internal sense of the order of things, which is almost always shaped by their experiences early or otherwise.  Earth element people rarely change their mind once set upon a course of action and when they move they set up permanency systems in their new stomping grounds.  When angry they burn white hot for a while – eventually logic will chafe them and they will wonder why they are focusing so much on an issues and logic will direct them to other thoughts and practices.  Earth element people, when they do move, it usually unsettles everyone in the community as they have lost the support of the corner stone of the community.  Ministers usually mold into Earth personalities as they age being Fire or Air when they begin their new path.  Superficial people irritate them and they often clash with fire element people who consume their resources to feed their high energy and disrupt their natural environment.  Water element people whose calm, fluid motion erodes their desire to do things in a straight forward manner.

For an earth element person deep tissue moves things and they like the depth of it however it will also increase the Earth Element within.  Flowing Massages erode them but also balance them, and polarity is great for them.

Air element people are flowing and cold, artistic, expressive and changing.   Movement is their life as they thrive on the change of scenery.  Their coldness masks a caring and thoughtful companion who is not reliable, but always seems to relax you when present – usually the soothing wind doesn’t turn into the raging tornado; however, sometimes conflict is unavoidable and the wind becomes fearsome and handles business.  They are idealistic dreamers who, when mixed with fire, often become reformers, revolutionaries, entertainers or musicians, as their music flows seemingly from some place so far away to set the stage on fire.  Air element people blow into your life with seemingly no warning and as long as they remain they tend to enrich all other elements when they are balanced themselves, blowing water onto earth, feed fire, providing direction, eroding earth and triggering movement in earth.  Air element people are powerful movers and shakers, as they uplift things, inspire and empower.  When angry they blow powerful winds against everything nearby.  A deep tissue massage will help access the hidden and unseen depths of the seemingly shallow air element person.  Swedish massage will mix water with massage and create a hurricane of activity.  Hypnotherapy will balance the Air individual giving them the tools to flow evermore in their own mind and empowering them to remain near a community longer as they can have their cake and eat it to.

Each element will react with all other elements.  For example again, air respects fiery passion, and doesn’t understand earth’s stoicism; fire loves air’s seeming agreement with their thoughts, and is unhappy with waters lukewarm approach; earth loves water for it is closest to it, and water loves air which it rejuvenates and replenishes as well as uses to get more action done.

By: Bishop Elect Alexander Brow OSS | | Published by SWIHA