The Massage Industry, Massage Programs and SWIHA Partnerships for Grad Employment Options

M is alive and well at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and so is the Massage Industry itself!

SWIHA core beliefs and the ways in which we make decisions are based on the following principles:
•  Spirit-Directed
•  Choice and Flexibility
•  Diversity in Learning Styles and Delivery Systems
•  Self-Healing, Self-Empowerment, Self-Sufficiency
•  Entrepreneurship
•  Community-Centered

We provide education to support the Holistic Healing industry, and strive to do our best in supporting every graduate in achieving their own unique career goals.  Whether self-employment or employment, the Success Center provides services and builds professional relationships to support both. Partnerships with industry businesses are crucial to maintaining our core principles of being community-centered, giving choice and flexibility, and providing diverse career options. We define partnership as a non-monetary relationship whose mutual efforts engage in collaboration to best serve the needs of our students in attaining their dreams in a setting that also serves the needs of a larger community.  SWIHA’s next Professional Massage Practitioner Diploma Program begins 10/24/2011!

Massage Envy is one such partnership that has been established to support the needs of many professional Massage Therapists and Aestheticians in Arizona and around the country who are seeking employment.  In keeping with being Spirit-Directed, we have chosen to open our doors and form a partnership that will help Massage Envy meet this challenge of facing such issues, and offer them tools, such as Life Coaching, to move forward in a positive light.

Spa Industry | Massage Industry Information

Chris Barth, General Manager, Massage Envy Spa Arrowhead, Director of Education MEU/Arizona says:

The spa industry continues to evolve as the world changes in socio economic status’, new innovations, and regional trends.  One of the ways Massage Envy has stayed current and a viable option is to offer a high quality massage and facial, at an affordable price, with convenient hours to fit most schedules.  The average clinic is open more than 96 hours per week.  Massage Envy in 9 years of operation has more than 700 locations open nation wide with more than 380 as Spa’s offering massage and facials.  We have over 1.5 million members nation wide and serviced 11.4 million massages in 2010.  Massage Envy has become the largest employer of massage therapist having more than 16,000 therapists working and are fast becoming the largest employer of skin care professionals with over 1500 estheticians with us.

As a new therapist in the business it is important to have options as to how to use their gifts for the world.  One such option is Massage Envy, with 30 locations in Arizona alone we are constantly looking to add to our clinics: talented, caring, gifted therapists wanting to help heal a hurting world.  Many of our therapists don’t just find a job, they find a career or even a way of life that helps not only mold them but everyone they touch into a better person.  We have many of our management team that have started as a therapist, we also have many regional team members as well as owners within the company that got their start in room.  The ability to grow in this business is unlimited with new locations opening each week throughout the country, quality therapists and skin care professionals are in high demand.

Massage Envy recognizes SWIHA and SWINA as some of the best schools in the country in training the next great therapists.  With our business growing as fast as we are in only makes sense to work together to find homes for those up for the challenge.  We have been working with these two great school for only a few months, however, with in that time we have found over a dozen therapists now working for us.  Thank you to SWIHA and SWINA for all the great work you do!”

The Success Center is continuing to establish more partnerships with local businesses and organizations to provide the necessary resources to build on your success.  We are in the process of creating more resources online, more entrepreneurial tools, and more opportunities for employment . It is our intention to support everyone.  Most of all, we appreciate your honest feedback, and will continue to listen and open our doors in support of you.
Several graduates have said Massage Envy was there when they really NEEDED a job; one even stated, “It saved my life!” Several years later, these therapists are still working there.

Please keep in mind that Massage Envy is just ONE of many different opportunities the Success Center is bringing to our graduates. We realize that this is not for everyone, and it is a great opportunity for some. Our primary job is to help ALL our graduates find what suits them in becoming successful.

Southwest Institute of Healings Arts (SWIHA) also offers SWIHA Tuition Bucks to massage practitioners of Massage Envy.   These “SWIHA Bucks” are granted to individuals to redeem as $100 worth of credit towards classes only, not programs, to be used by December, 2012.   These bucks can be applied towards gaining continuing education units (CEUs) and are non-transferable.  Students can redeem one online or on-campus using the code: MECEU.   One tuition buck is allowed per person, and can be applied to online or on-campus classes.  🙂


Paula Martin wants to share:

I just have to share my amazing experience with one of your former students! Yesterday I went in for my scheduled massage at Massage Envy on Frank Loyd Wright and my usual therapist had to go home sick. They put me with a new one, his name was Jerry. I admit at first I was a little unsure, but went with it. I am SO glad I did, because it was the BEST massage experience I have ever had!

Jerry worked my shoulder in ways that I have never experienced during a massage. Today is the first time I have been pain free for a long time (car accident in Jan.). His skills aside, he also was very intuitive and knew just where my body was in need without my saying so. As Jerry walked me out I asked him where he went to school, although I already suspected it being a graduate of SWINA. When he confirmed SWIHA, I just said “I thought so” with a smile… My session was so beneficial to my entire whole self. I am going back next week to see him again. – Blessings!