The Power of Human Touch

There is no doubt that the human touch has unquestionable powers. Healing and comforting humans through the powers of touch has been known of and used for ages. All over the world, for many generations, and in many cultures, people have used these mysterious yet natural powers to heal, treat, and soothe people.

Everyone has been in a situation where they are so upset, and it seems like a miracle or a blessing from above is the only thing that will pull them through a serious situation, only to realize that a hug or even the simplest, seemingly meaningless touch from a loved one or even someone they may not know has miraculously given them an outlet to let go, and at the very least made them feel better. Wow, how powerful!

Today, advocates of modern science have acknowledged the benefits of human touch as well. Through extensive research by the University of Miami’s Touch Research Institute they have revealed that human touch has a wide range of physical and emotional benefits for people of all ages. In these experiments, touch improved pulmonary function, increased growth in infants, lowered blood glucose and improved functions of the immune system. Unfortunately, by the time children have become teenagers they receive only have as much touching, and even less once they’ve reached adulthood.  Here are some very interesting facts about TOUCH:

Along with reducing the production of stress hormones, the soothing power of the human touch increases oxytocin levels responsible for producing a calming affect. It also can have a comforting and reassuring effect, which helps manage anxiety. Human touch can even reduce the intensity of pain when applied comfortingly, acting as a numbing agent. The power of human touch in a non-sexual way helps by producing a comforting and reassuring effect and it can help to manage anxiety as well. Couples can have the same benefits and it will strengthen and help to sustain their relationship.

Our skin is our largest organ and can be very sensitive and quite responsive to human touch. Touching someone may express our love for someone, but it can also do so much more; touch can comfort and actually heal. So whether you see touch as a simple pleasant distraction, soothing diversion or much more, embrace the powers of touch and invite more human touching into your life.

This also goes to show why and how holistic healing modalities such asMassage, Bodywork, Cranial Unwinding, Myotherapy, Reiki, Polarity,Facials, Reflexology, etc., can help to support and boost healing and wellness.   Check out the many holistic healing modality that Southwest Institute of Healing Arts offers.

Guest Author:  Joseph Canon is a student at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts earning an Associates Degree in Mind and Body Transformational Psychology, with specialties in Urban Farming and Holistic Nutrition.